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Doctoral Modules Offered with New Remote Option

Students from around the globe pursue the highest degree in his or her field through Baptist Bible Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy. Now, doctoral students have more choices as they pursue their doctoral degrees.

Both of the terminal degrees offered through BBS are presented through a web-enhanced format. Each student completes six weeks of initial study from his or her own home or office before coming together for professor-peer collaboration in a one-week module. The course is completed with another six weeks of remote study.

This unique format pairs the convenience of at-home study with the value of in-depth interaction. Students benefit from the real ministry experience of CSU professors as well as collaboration with classmates. Those who are passionate about serious study of the Bible can pursue a doctoral degree without uprooting his or her family, ministry and career.

Now, students are able to take more of their educational choices into their own hands by choosing to complete each one-week module residentially or remotely.

Remote Benefits

With advancements in technology, the newly introduced remote option now allows students to complete a doctoral module without the travel. Doctoral students can have a place in the meeting room through a remote video format, allowing them to experience real-time, in-person participation during modules. They can participate in discussions and view their professor and classmates well. This is not your typical Zoom view of an in-person class; students enjoy greater access to the class through excellent technology implemented on the classroom end. Students themselves only need the typical device with camera and internet access to take advantage of the remote option for modules.

BBS students are immersed in sound theology, best practices, exceptional mentorship and academic rigor. Students can choose to complete the module with in-person classes on Baptist Bible Seminary’s campus in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Now, with the new remote module option, the doctoral programs are more accessible than ever before for students around the globe.

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Doctor of Ministry

The 30-credit Doctor of Ministry features three concentrations and a theological foundation with a focus on exposition and communication of God’s Word.

Learn more about the BBS Doctor of Ministry. 

Doctor of Philosophy

The 60-credit Doctor of Philosophy gives students an advanced professional ministry degree with an emphasis in research and writing to equip students for teaching.

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What BBS Students Say

“The doctoral program at Baptist Bible Seminary sharpens and strengthens the student’s understanding of Scripture and his ability to communicate its truth to the world…Over the course of my studies, I have been enriched and encouraged. 


The D.Min. program (as with the Ph.D.) is broken down into two complementary parts: classroom instruction and dissertation preparation. The classroom instruction I received throughout the program—whether online or in-person—was top-notch. Each professor was extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise and expressed a genuine concern for my personal growth and understanding.”


-Tim Valiante, D.Min.

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