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At Baptist Bible Seminary, we believe in the importance of equipping members of the local church to disciple and encourage one another according to Scripture. Find some tools and resources that can help you, your family and those you minister to.

Summit Magazine

Summit Magazine is a publication of Clarks Summit University that provides encouragement and helpful information through stories about how alumni, professors and students are stepping up to impact their world for Christ through their careers and service.

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Scripture’s Story

“Scripture’s Story: A Unifying Hope” is a new book that explores the unity and diversity of the Bible, written by some familiar faces at Clarks Summit University! The four authors are professors at Baptist Bible Seminary. The book traces the unifying hope of God’s story throughout the Old Testament and New Testament.

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The Journal of Ministry & Theology exists to encourage pastors, church leaders, scholars, missionaries and others who love the church of Jesus Christ to think biblically regarding contemporary theological issues, ministry concerns and methodologies facing the church, academy and individual believers.

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Views from the Summit

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Speaker’s Bureau

Need a speaker for church, youth group, chapel, retreat or another special event? Our speaker’s bureau has numerous faculty and staff members with various expertise topics to help your ministry.

Chapel at CSU

Clarks Summit University students and faculty meet for prayer, worship and spiritual instruction. Chapels feature faculty members, pastors, missionaries, students and other special speakers.

Watch our chapel messages from our University Chapel Library playlist on our YouTube channel.

Bible-In-A-Year Plan

At Clarks Summit University, we believe staying in God’s Word helps Christ followers remember truth. To encourage people to read the Bible daily in 2022, CSU has created an easy-to-follow plan to read through the bible in one year.

This tool is designed to give people a manageable and organized way to read through the entire Bible in one year.

You are welcome to use, print and share this guide with your congregation, small group, students, family and friends.

Download CSU’s 2022 Bible Reading Plan today.

As an accredited Bible college, the Word of God is the foundation of our high-quality academic programs and welcoming student community. All undergraduate students earn a double major in Biblical Studies and the degree program of their choice. Chapel is an integral part of student life, where CSU faculty and nationally recognized speakers encourage students to live out their faith.

It only makes sense that a biblically-centered school like CSU would encourage others to stay in the Word of God each day with a tool like this Bible Reading Plan.




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