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How Do I Pray for My Children When a New School Year Arrives?

With summer winding down, another school year for our children is upon us. School supplies are in high demand (just take time to look in Wal-Mart); new lunch boxes are sought after with excitement; class schedules are posted, and kids are eagerly communicating with their friends about which teacher they will have. All the buzz, all the excitement and anticipation—but I wonder, as parents—what is our role? Regardless of where our children attend school (private school, public school, Christian school, homeschool) and their age (preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college) there is biblical advice to follow so that we, as parents, can pray for and care for our children.

The direction of their steps (Ps 1:1)

The psalmist begins with the description of the godly man—he is happy, blessed. He has a deep-seated joy. But why is this? He is described this way because of the direction of his steps. Verse one states that the godly avoids three successive stages of conduct, “walk…stand…sit.” The godly do not behave in such a way that advice is taken from, or a course of action is followed when coming from ungodly individuals (Ps 10:4). The godly also do not share in the way of the life of sinners, or those who purposely deviate from God’s standards. Lastly, the godly do not become settled in a position with those who are hardened, proud and arrogant, and are the source of strife.

Basically, the psalmist is indicating that the lifestyle of the godly avoids walking, standing and sitting, enjoying the lifestyle of the wicked. Their life is not characterized by these successive stages of deterioration. So, parents, what are you doing to ensure that your children’s steps are directed toward God?

The delight of their hearts (Ps 1:2)

Rather than receiving wisdom for the direction in his life from worldly sources, the godly individual receives direction from God Himself and His Word. He has a great emotional delight—he takes delight in, he is pleased with and desires the Word of God. The godly individual is continually contemplating how he might apply God’s Word to events which occur in his life.

In other words, he is meditating (a continual process, habit of life, consistent studying for the purpose of doing it) on God’s Word. And he’s doing so all the time (day and night).

So, parents, what are you going to put in place this school year to ensure that your children’s hearts are listening carefully to God’s Word? Do you take time to read the Word with them?

Praying for Our Children

  • Pray for your children’s choice of friends. Pray that they will have wisdom to discern who to walk, stand and sit with.
  • Pray for your children’s daily walk. Pray that they will take delight in, and their joy is, God’s word.
  • Pray for your own heart, parents. Ask God to give you wisdom in leading and guiding your children throughout the school year. Make time for them. Be intentional. Ask them questions after school that create conversation, not just “yes,” and “no” answers.
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