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Doctor of Philosophy

Christ Focused, Scripture Driven, Ministry Ready

You will gain the strategies and tools you need to meet your academic and professional ministry goals with Baptist Bible Seminary’s Doctor of Philosophy degree. From concentrations rooted in original language study to an emphasis on biblical scholarship and communication skills, you’ll be prepared to teach and communicate biblical truth with clarity.

Credit Hours


You’ll learn under faculty members who are passionate about helping you prepare theologically with an effective ministry mindset. These professors not only bring a high level of scholarship and the highest academic credentials; each one also has significant experience in churches and ministry settings. You will gain tangible strategies to correctly handle the Word of God, think critically and use discernment in your ministry.

Select Your Concentration

Engage in thorough research and writing with a focus on your own area of interest, by choosing one of four concentrations to customize your program to fit your academic and professional ministry goals.

Old Testament
Analyze and master the Hebrew language to develop your ability to translate the Word of God with sound theological understanding. You will gain a deep understanding of the Old Testament with courses in biblical Aramaic, ancient culture, and textual criticism.
New Testament
With an emphasis on a sound understanding of historical and cultural implications of the New Testament, you will grow in your ability to communicate the text with clarity. The focus on linguistics, textual criticism and in-depth exegetical studies of New Testament literature will enhance your understanding of the text.
Systematic Theology
Address historical and contemporary issues in theology with the Systematic Theology concentration. You will gain the practical skills you need to teach and communicate theology cross-culturally in a postmodern culture.
Bible Exposition
Study each of the Old Testament and New Testament books in detail in the Bible Exposition concentration. You will deepen your understanding of biblical concepts and issues in hermeneutics and exegesis, gaining the fullest understanding of the biblical texts and tools for exposition. You will accomplish this with studies on biblical analysis of history, culture, archaeology and chronology.

Your Courses

Complete this non-residential program in one-week, on-campus modules backed by twelve weeks of additional online study wherever it is most convenient for you. Select classes are available completely online. This flexibility allows you to further your ministry while you pursue the degree that can enhance your ministry.

Depending on your background and previous theological education, the program will require either 39 credit hours (entering with Th.M.) or 60 credit hours (entering with M.Div.). This program is expected to be completed in seven years.


Based on a Master of Divinity
60 credit hours ▪ All courses are three credits unless noted otherwise. 

Ph.D. Core Courses—9 credits 

OT1 Seminar in Old Testament Hermeneutics and Exegetical Method

NT1 Seminar in New Testament Hermeneutics and Exegetical Method

TH1 Seminar in Advanced Theological Method

Ministry Philosophy Core—3 credits (choose one of the following courses)

MP1 Developing Effective Leadership Skills

MP2 The Centrality of the Scriptures in Ministry

MP3 Current Trends in Global Ministry

Teaching & Communication Methods—3 credits  

PHD1 Advanced Bible Teaching and Communication Methods

Theological Language Courses—2 credits

PH71 Reading Theological German (1)

PH72 Reading Theological French (1)

Professional Teaching Practicum—2 credits

PH14 Professional Teaching Practicum (2)

Comprehensive Exams Preparation—0 credits

PH15 Comprehensive Exams Preparation (0)

Area of Concentration—21 credits (choose seven 3-credit courses)

Old Testament/Hebrew

New Testament/Greek

Systematic Theology

Bible Exposition

Electives from Other Departments—9 credits (three 3-credit courses)

Dissertation Sequence—11 credits 

PH91 Dissertation Reading & Proposal (3)

PH92 Dissertation Reading & Research (4)

PH93 Dissertation Reading, Writing, & Defense (4) 

Start Dates

May 10, 2021
August 16, 2021
August 23, 2021
October 18, 2021
January 10, 2022
January 17, 2022
March 7, 2022


Sharpen your skills. Reach your goals.

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Ph.D. Graduate (’12)
Dunbar, WI

The careful mentoring of BBS faculty shaped my research and writing skills, provided stimulating interaction with other Ph.D. students, enhanced my teaching craft, and fostered long-term friendships with faculty and students. I received much more than I had anticipated when I enrolled.


Program Highlights 

  • You will engage in a collaborative learning environment, challenging you to develop teaching and communication skills.
  • You will employ a grammatical, historical method of biblical interpretation in light go the progress of revelation.
  • Take advantage of on-campus living or accommodations in the nearby region.

Biblical Languages

With a strong emphasis in biblical scholarship, you will develop your ability to research the Bible while using biblical languages. Your study will train you to teach and communicate biblical truth with clarity in a university, seminary, public speaking ministry and in publications.

Join Our Community

Mentorship and community are hallmarks of a BBS education, and you’ll experience that culture in both our online and module courses. Expect to find the support, encouragement and advice you need to reach your goals.


earn your doctorate in as little as seven years

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