Master’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees


Master’s Degrees

The degree you earn at Baptist Bible Seminary is fully accredited, conveniently structured and saturated with sound theology.

With completely online master’s programs at CSU, you’ll earn your degree in a convenient and flexible format—whenever and wherever you choose.

You’ll earn an academically rigorous advanced seminary degree that combines biblical truth, contemporary best practices and practically applicable skills. Three degrees with multiple concentrations allow you to choose the program that will be an immediate benefit to your specific ministry and professional goals.


Seminary Master’s Degree Programs

Master of Arts

An accessible and targeted master’s degree, the Master of Arts gives you the pathway to earn an advanced theological degree in as little as two years. With a wide array of concentrations, you’ll build a biblical foundation and hone in on the skills most applicable to your ministry.

Master of Ministry

If you already are active and experienced in ministry, the 30-credit Master of Ministry could be the right fit for you. The program combines knowledge and practical skills in multiple concentration options.

Master of Theology

You’ll be prepared for ministry leadership and academic research through deep and practical study. The 32-credit-hour Master of Theology parallels the core of the first half of the Doctor of Philosophy. You will develop a greater proficiency in a selected area of Bible knowledge which can smoothly transition into completing the Doctor of Philosophy.

Master of Divinity

The 87 credit hour Master of Divinity is the right choice if you are seeking a complete, professional ministry degree that equips you to love God supremely, handle the Scriptures accurately, serve the church effectively and love all people equally through a biblically rich and theologically firm education. The broad degree gives pastors, teachers and ministry leaders the tools they need for full-time ministry goals. The learning experience is capped with a unique one-year, paid internship or integrative ministry project to give you immediate and practical ministry experience.


Learn from Exceptional Professors

You’ll learn under Baptist Bible Seminary faculty members who are passionate about helping you prepare theologically with an effective ministry mindset. These professors not only bring a high level of scholarship and the highest academic credentials; each one also has significant experience in churches and ministry settings.


Murphy Memorial Library

The Murphy Memorial Library serves the students, faculty, and staff of Clarks Summit University and Baptist Bible Seminary and offers an invaluable and unique contribution to the campus and its educational life.

Named after Clarks Summit University’s first president, Richard J. Murphy, the library is home to print, digital, and archival resources. Library space is provided for quiet study and group work, and the Reference Room contains collections specific to the respective graduate and seminary programs.

Staff members are committed to supporting the mission of the university to prepare Christ-centered, career-ready graduates by providing an environment centered on learning and fellowship and by equipping students, faculty, and staff with the tools necessary to use library resources successfully.


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