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Baptist Bible Seminary Faculty

You’ll learn under faculty members who are passionate about helping you prepare theologically with an effective ministry mindset. These professors not only bring a high level of scholarship and the highest academic credentials; each one also has significant experience in churches and ministry settings. This allows you to strategically gain wisdom from the Word of God, to correctly handle the Word of God and to use discernment in your life-long learning and future ministry.

You’ll be a part of a genuine community—both on campus and online. Our faculty have lived ministry, have a love for ministry and strive to pass on that love of ministry to students like you. Our professors are mentors, truly helping you along the way as they challenge you to think critically and biblically as you reach toward your ministry goals. 

Residential Faculty

David Gunn, Th.M.

Associate Professor of Theology, English Bible and Apologetics

Gunn brings extensive experience in local church ministry, editing and publishing, and research to BBS.  He has earned degrees from Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, Corban University School of Ministry and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is in the dissertation phase of his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Baptist Bible Seminary.


Previous Experience and Research
Gunn has served as director of Regular Baptist Press (the publishing ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches) and managing editor of the Baptist Bulletin magazine. His major research areas include theological method, dispensational theology and the epistle of James.

Mark McGinniss, Ph.D.

Assistant Seminary Dean
Professor of Old Testament Literature, Language and Exegesis
Editor of The Journal of Ministry and Theology

McGinniss studied at Stockton State College, Dallas Theological Seminary and BBS. He spent 27 years in full-time ministry in the same church in which he accepted Christ. He has experience as a youth pastor, senior pastor and Christian school principal. In addition to journal articles, McGinniss authored “Contributions of Selected Rhetorical Devices to a Biblical Theology of the Song of Songs.


Publications and Speaking Highlights
“Redeeming Chronic Pain: When Surgery Fails” in When Suffering Is Redemptive: Stories of How Anguish and Pain Accomplish God’s Mission. Ed. Larry Waters (Weaver Book, OH, August 2016).

“Personal Purity” in Current Culture: A Biblical Understanding and Response. Ed. Alex Bauman (Regular Baptist Press, 2015).

Contributions of Selected Rhetorical Devices to a Biblical Theology of the Song of Songs. (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2011).

The HCSB Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible: with Strong’s Lexicon. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, December 2009.

“The Fatal Flaws of Cahn,” Article review of Jonathan Cahn’s, The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3000-Year-Old Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future, The World’s Future…and Yours! (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2014). And The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future (2011). Baptist Bulletin, Mar/Apr 2015.

“The Courage to Live” Baptist Bulletin, Mar/Apr 2014.

“When Surgery Fails” Kindred Spirit, Winter 2012.

“Let Him Kiss Me: An Exploration of the Theological Significance of the Use of the First Person in the Song of Songs” (paper presented at the Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Regional Conference, Calvary Chapel Souderton, Souderton, PA, April 2005.)

“Messy:” A Conference for Building Godly Relationships, May 21, 2016. Philadelphia, PA. “The Case for Godly Sex” & “How to talk to Your Husband about Sex.”

Foundations in Biblical Counseling, April 18, 2015. “What Does God Think about Sex?”

Rumney Bible Conference: Rumney, New Hampshire, July 20-23, 2010. “Psalms”

Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches, Corning, NY, Couples Retreat, December 29-30, 2011. “I Want You….”

Dr. McGinniss also speaks at couples conferences in the U.S. and is a frequent contributor to Clarks Summit University conferences and publications, including the “Journal of Ministry and Theology,” “Summit Magazine,” “Paraklesis” and the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics.

Ken Pyne, D.Min.

Seminary Chaplain
Director of Internships

Pyne served for 27 years as an associate pastor in Michigan, where one of his roles was internship coordinator. He now guides M.Div. students as they complete paid, one-year, full-time internships and integrated ministry projects. As chaplain and director of the Seminary Wives’ Fellowship, he works closely with students and their families. He is a graduate of CSU, BBS and Northern Baptist Seminary.


Wayne Slusser, Ph.D.

Seminary Dean
Professor of New Testament and Greek

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Baptist Bible Graduate School of Theology and BBS, Slusser taught and served as dean of the seminary at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missiouri. He also helped plant a church where he served as co-pastor for 13 years.

Slusser produces a weekly video series, “Greek for a Week,” to help others learn, retain or grow their knowledge of New Testament Greek through short videos focused on translation and interpretation. The resource is found alongside other study tools and personal insights on NTresources.com, a website established by former BBS professor the late Dr. Rod Decker.


Publications and Speaking Highlights

“The Bible God Intended?” Baptist Bible Tribune 57, no 11 (July/Aug): 8-11.

“The Role of Women in Ministry.” Baptist Preacher’s Journal 16, no 2 (Winter 2006): 20-26.

“What Are You Preoccupied with: The Expectations of Following Jesus.” Main speaker at Teen Leadership Conference, Clarks Summit, PA. 2017.

“Can We Trust Our Bibles: A Look at the Text & Translations.” Presenter at Underground Church, Westhill Baptist Church, Akron, OH. 2016.

“Sustaining Spiritual Development Across Generations: Part 1 and 2.” Presenter at 67th ABHE annual Meeting – Engaging the Emerging Generation: Many Points, One Purpose, Orlando, FL. 2014.

“An Unshakeable Foundation: The Evidence from the Ancient Manuscripts.” Presenter at Why I Believe Apologetics Conference, Baptist Temple, Springfield, MO. 2009.

“The Omniscience of God: Is It Open for Discussion.” Paper presented at Baptist Bible Graduate School, Springfield, MO. 2007.

“Navigating the Scriptures for LYFE.” Workshop speaker at LYFE Women’s Conference, Clarks Summit, PA. 2018.

“Imprisoned for the Glory of God: Considering Ryrie’s Third Aspect of the Sine Qua Non of Dispensationalism – In Paul’s Prison Letters.” Paper presented at the 10th Annual Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, Clarks Summit University, Clarks Summit, PA. 2017.

Slusser is also a contributor to Clarks Summit University conferences and publications, including the “Journal of Ministry and Theology” and the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, among other publications.

Adjunct Faculty

Highly-qualified and ministry-focused adjunct faculty will add much to the educational journey of students. Each adjunct faculty member has vast ministry experience along with a deep knowledge of the Scriptures.

  • Dr. Mike Augsburger
  • Dr. Jared August
  • Dr. Dann Austin
  • Mr. Brett Bixby
  • Dr. Scott Bixby
  • Dr. Robert Cowman
  • Dr. Ken Davis
  • Dr. Bill Higley
  • Dr. David Mappes
  • Dr. Keith Marlett
  • Dr. Don McCall
  • Dr. James Ruff
  • Dr. Mike Stallard
  • Mr. Mike Weston





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