Master of Arts: Bible, Language and Theology

Master of Arts: Bible, Language and Theology

Master of ARTS – Online or On-campus

M.A. to Ph.D.

Dive deep into the Word and be equipped to clearly communicate its truths in a variety of settings. Through courses in theology, biblical languages and electives related to your area of interest, you will be prepared to move directly into your Ph.D. studies at BBS.

48 credit hours
Online or On-Campus
Discounts available
Master Of Arts In Bible Language And Theology


Accessible and Practical

This 48-credit-hour concentration within your accredited Master of Arts degree immerses you into an exegetical and theological study of Scripture. Build relationships with knowledgeable professors on-campus or enjoy the flexibility of an online program grounded in the Word of God.

“The program was a great fit for me and for my goals. I love to teach and I love to study the interpretational aspects of the Word of God. At this point I do not feel called to be a pastor, so I chose this program because it was designed to prepare me to do the specifically teaching aspects of ministry.”

Alex Madsen

M.A. graduate


BBS is Affordable

BBS works hard to ensure you receive the best value in education with competitive tuition rates, many ways to qualify for discounts and individualized support.


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Discounts available


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What Will You Learn?

Develop your understanding of Koine Greek, biblical Hebrew and theology as you prepare for your Ph.D. studies in this 48-credit concentration.

Master Of Arts In Bible Language And Theology
Study Scripture carefully

As you deepen your understanding of Koine Greek and biblical Hebrew, you will learn to read the Word more intentionally in light of its original literary context.

Communicate sound theology

Learn to convey the truths of Scripture effectively wherever you go. You will be equipped to continue digging deep into the Word in your future studies and career.

Prepare for what’s next

This 48 credit program will equip you to transition easily into your Ph.D. At BBS, you can take advantage of a streamlined admission into your Ph.D. Get the most out of your studies by choosing electives that fit your area of interest.


What You Will Study

Each of your courses is taught from a foundational biblical worldview. You’ll interact within small class sizes and with professors who really care about you, your family, your ministry and your goals. You’ll not only receive quality academics to prepare you for what God has called you to, but you’ll also get mentorship from experienced ministry leaders to prepare you for life.

All courses are three credits unless noted.
Course descriptions can be found in the catalog.

Core Courses

The 15-credit core of the Master of Arts program will establish your foundational knowledge of God’s Word:

  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation [BI604]
  • Introduction to Old Testament and Old Testament Literature [OT500]
  • Introduction to New Testament and New Testament Literature [NT501]
  • God’s Plan for the Ages [TH531]
  • Principles of Spiritual Formation [PT512]
    Language Courses

    You will build upon this foundation with 18 credits focused on languages:

    • Elements of Greek 1 [NT502]
    • Elements of Greek 2 [NT503]
    • Greek Exegetical Methos [NT506]
    • Elements of Hebrew 1 [OT502]
    • Elements of Hebrew 2 [OT503]
    • Hebrew Exegesis [OT600]
    Theology Electives

    You will continue to deepen your knowledge with courses focused on Theology. Pick two courses.

    • Foundations of the Christian Faith [TH500]
    • Pneumatology & Ecclesiology [TH563]
    • Angelology, Anthropology, & Hamartiology [TH600]
    • Christology & Soteriology [TH601]
    Ph.D. Concentration Courses

    You will pick two courses that correspond with the desired Ph.D. concentration.

    • Electives – 6 credits
    Elective Courses

    Choose a course to gain more knowledge in an area that interests you.

    • Elective – 3 credits
    Program Highlights
    • Earn your degree entirely online!
    • Choose from a variety of concentrations to tailor your degree to your interests.
      Keep learning as you serve! 

      Deepen your understanding of Scripture and theological issues by taking the next step in your education. The flexible form of an online degree will allow you to continue your studies while you move forward in your career.


      Starting Dates

      Flexibility is key. Jump in and start reaching toward your goals at any time of year with our multiple start dates.













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      Baptist Bible Seminary Online

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