Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry

Focus on Christ, Further your Ministry

Gain tangible strategies to meet the biblical needs of the people in your ministry setting with Baptist Bible Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry degree. You will maximize your effectiveness in ministry by developing a thorough biblical philosophy that is immediately applicable.

24–30 credit hours
Online Enhanced
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Master Of Theology


Adaptive and Practical

You will earn an advanced professional education program focused on practical aspects of leadership in global ministry, para-church and counseling ministries, all built on a strong theological foundation.

“The seminary faculty, who clearly love the Lord above all else, are clearly strong in their particular discipline, but they also clearly emphasize the practical aspects of their discipline.”


D.Min. student


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BBS works hard to ensure you receive the best value in education with competitive tuition rates, many ways to qualify for discounts and individualized support.


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Select Your Ministry Concentration

Depending on your background and previous theological education, the program may require either 30 or 24 credit hours. Choose one of four concentrations to customize your education for your unique ministry needs.

Advanced Biblical & Theological Studies

Build upon and deepen your academic foundation in biblical studies and systematic theology. You will be able to effectively engage the contemporary world of ideas with truth from God’s Word. Pastors, theological educators and those desiring to publish in the area of biblical studies and theology will be equipped with strong theology.

Expository Preaching

Hone your expositional preaching skills. With these deepened homiletical skills, you will be able to communicate God’s Word in a way that is faithful to the Scriptures and transformatively relevant to your contemporary audience.

Leadership & Discipleship

Grow in your skills as a leader and discipler in your unique ministry context. With these new skills, you will be equipped to encourage the spiritual growth of others in various church and parachurch ministries.


Tailor your doctoral program to meet the needs of your unique ministry and deepen your personal spiritual growth as well as those you serve. Hone your skills to excel with a strong biblical foundation. You will be equipped to motivate and develop lay leaders in the church, to evaluate current theological issues and to disciple others.


What You Will Study

The program will require either 30 credit hours or 24 credit hours (entering with Th.M), depending on your background and previous theological education, 

Complete this non-residential program in one-week modules backed by twelve weeks of additional online study wherever it is most convenient for you. You can choose to complete your one-week module for each course either remotely or on campus at BBS. Select classes are available completely online. This flexibility allows you to further your ministry while you pursue the degree that can enhance your ministry.

The program is expected to be completed in six years.

Courses are 3 credits unless noted.

Required Courses
D.Min. Core

6 credits

  • The Centrality of the Scriptures in Ministry [D503]
  • Spiritual Formation for Today’s Leaders [D505]
    D.Min. Dissertation

    6 credits

    • Dissertation Reading & Proposal [D901] – 2 credits
    • Dissertation Reading & Research [D902]- 2 credits
    • Dissertation Reading, Writing & Defense [D903] – 2 credits
      Concentration Courses
      Advanced Biblical & Theological Studies Concentration

      Required – 12 credits (select 4 courses)

      • Seminar in Advanced Theological Method [D601]
      • Advanced Issues in Eschatology [D603]
      • Advanced Issues in Ecclesiology [D605]
      • Contemporary Theological Issues [D806]
      • Analysis of Old Testament Books [D871]
      • Analysis of New Testament Books [D872]

      Free Electives – 6 credits

        Expository Preaching Concentration

        Required – 12 credits

        • Seminar in Advanced Theological Method [D601]
        • Theology and Practice of Preaching [D607]
        • Contemporary Issues in Preaching [D608]
        • Sermonic Development, Delivery, and Evaluation [D609]

        Free Electives – 6 credits

          Leadership & Discipleship Concentration

          Required – 12 credits (select 4 courses)

          • Developing Effective Leadership Skills [D501]
          • Developing Leaders [D701]
          • Contemporary Issues in Leadership [D703]
          • Strategic Planning [D705]
          • Equipping Others to Lead [D707]
          • Managing Change and Conflict [D709]
          • Discipleship in the Local Church [D821]

          Free Electives – 6 credits

            Ministry Concentration

            Free Electives – 18 credits (select 6 courses)

              Program Highlights 

              • Your dissertation is designed with the purpose and nature of your specific ministry in mind. Your program director will work with you to develop your project. To view the unique types of D.Min. dissertation projects, visit our catalog.
              • Courses are crafted to meet unique challenges in ministry and will challenge you to bring your experience to the table and to take your ministry to the next level.
              • Take advantage of on-campus living or accommodations in the nearby region.


              You’ll learn under faculty members who are passionate about helping you prepare theologically with an effective ministry mindset. These professors not only bring a high level of scholarship and the highest academic credentials; each one also has significant experience in churches and ministry settings. You will gain tangible strategies to correctly handle the Word of God, think critically and use discernment in your ministry.

              Logos Bible Software

              Bible Baptist Seminary have partnered with the Logos Bible study platform, a robust Bible study software and a theological library of curated resources.

              ONLINE SESSIONS

              Starting Dates

              Flexibility is key. Jump in and start reaching toward your goals at any time of year with our multiple start dates.













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