Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Reaching The Heart

Growing in Christ at BBS

We acknowledge that loving God cannot be coerced, so we look to provide students with a variety of opportunities to seek after God.

You’ll be encouraged to get involved in local churches and communities to make a difference. You can also expect to find mentors who care about your spiritual growth. Academic courses will become a place for growing and deepening your relationships with others and with Christ.

Church Involvement

Church involvement is an opportunity to practice the New Testament admonition for worship, fellowship, edification and evangelism. We view each student’s faithful participation in the body of a local church as a crucial element of preparation for future life and ministry.

Ministry Development

Ministry is an opportunity to comprehensively serve the physical, emotional, mental, social, financial and vocational needs of others in Christ’s name. We want to help students identify opportunities in which they can apply their education in real-life ministry settings and serve unselfishly.


Chapel is an opportunity to join together in prayer, worship and spiritual instruction from God’s word to encourage us to Christlikeness. These sessions are led by faculty members, pastors, missionaries, students and other special speakers. Most chapels will be live-streamed so all students can join the campus family during this time.

Personal Growth

We believe your personal study of the Scriptures is absolutely essential to growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We encourage students to develop a walk with God through personal Bible study and prayer that is lived out practically in community.




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