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God Gives More Grace: a BBS Doctoral Dissertation

Many dissertations by Baptist Bible Seminary doctoral students are available through ProQuest, with more than 1,300 retrievals from around the world. BBS student dissertations have been accessed by scholars at universities such as Cornell, Liberty, Harvard, University of Oxford and Regent.

Tim Valiante’s dissertation was retrieved more than 100 times. Valiante earned his Doctor of Ministry from BBS in 2017. When he began his doctoral program, he already had a general idea of what he wanted to study for his dissertation.

Valiante explains:

“The doctoral program at Baptist Bible Seminary sharpens and strengthens the student’s understanding of Scripture and his ability to communicate its truth to the world…Over the course of my studies, I have been enriched and encouraged.


“The D.Min. program (as with the Ph.D.) is broken down into two complementary parts: classroom instruction and dissertation preparation. The classroom instruction I received throughout the program—whether online or in-person—was top-notch. Each professor was extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise and expressed a genuine concern for my personal growth and understanding.


“However, as much as I appreciated the classroom instruction, I probably benefited from the dissertation preparation even more…


“Ten years earlier, while serving as a youth pastor, I had preached through the book of James. During that study, I noticed a section in James 4:5-10 that seemed to outline how God’s children are to approach Him for grace. Over the years of ministry, I often found myself returning to this section of Scripture to help those I counseled. So, in my dissertation, I wanted to develop this theme and dive into an expanded study of James 4:5-10. This later became the foundation for my book, ‘God Gives More Grace: Walking with God Through Life’s Trials’ (published by Regular Baptist Press in 2019).


“Throughout the entire dissertation process (which took about 18 months), my adviser—Dr. Gardoski—was extremely accommodating. He first helped me refine my topic, and once I began the process of writing, he pressed me on matters of theology and offered helpful critiques of my writing style. The labor at times was intense, but well worth it in the end. When finished, I had written 220 pages and close to 70,000 words.


“The rigors of study refine us. The benefit of immersing yourself in God’s Word leaves a lasting impression on your life. I have a better grasp of Scripture from my studies at BBS. Looking back, I am grateful for the role BBS has played in challenging, helping, and equipping me for the ministry.”

Resources and Quick Links:

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