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Distinctives: A Collaborative Learning Environment

Every seminary has its own unique heartbeat, its own values and distinctives. At Baptist Bible Seminary, our faculty values six distinctives that serves you well as you prepare for a life of ministry for Jesus Christ. This month we highlight our emphasis on a collaborative learning environment for you as a student.

At BBS, you will have the opportunity to learn and study with students from across the world who love and want to serve Jesus like you. Students from Siberia, India, Brazil, Ghana, Haiti, China and beyond form lasting friendships in their BBS classes. In addition, some students are currently serving as missionaries in the Middle East, Japan, Hungary and Russia.

This international flavor enriches and broadens each student’s educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. To be able to learn from one another’s unique cultural experiences and to see how God is working in that ethnic environment renews one’s sense of the universal Church and awe for Jesus who is her Head.

To be exposed to unique cultures and their exceptional challenges and to discuss how to teach the Bible and pray for each other in these situations is a special privilege that is not afforded to many.

This collaborative learning environment is not only educational but social. Lifelong friendships are created in this scholastic atmosphere that lasts well past class and graduation. They mature into ministry itself. And as anyone who has been in ministry for any length of time will confess, it is always good to share life with another who knows what you are facing in ministry and what you are talking about! While you may not have come to seminary for friendships, this collaborative learning environment will provide one of a kind lasting opportunities.

by Mark McGinniss, Ph.D.

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