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October Internship Report – Jess and Natalie Miller (Callista and Wyatt)

Published September 27, 2016

Calvary Bible Church, Grand Junction, Colorado


Ministry Highlights

We added six new members this month.

Preaching through John 5 was a tremendous blessing.

I finished my final project!

Natalie and I met with a woman who decisively trusted Jesus as her Savior.

Key Prayer Requests

As always, we are praying for relational harmony among our people and in our youth group.

We are looking into ways of connecting with and retaining our visitors.

All of our small groups and Bible studies have started for the year. We are praying that they would be fruitful.

We are praying for the addition of some young families to our congregation.

Prominent Lessons

God does not waste our trials. He uses them to grow us and to teach us to help others grow through their own trials.

When dealing with the well being of people in our congregation, we may need to involve governmental authorities. This takes much prayer and wisdom from God.

Families and individuals who are dedicated to one local church for many years are a great blessing from the Lord. This is especially the case in a culture where church hopping is very common.

As members of a church, we should ensure others feel a sense of security that in times of need, they will be cared for.

Key Goals for the Next Month

I need to spend some time with two couples from our congregation working through marriage and family trials.

I’m going to preach through John 6.

We need to develop a plan for building community within our congregation and a way to measure the results.

Visit our new member applicants.


Ministry Highlights

We had a great time in our first two meetings with couples discussing marriage and family. These couples are eager to learn and discussion was great.

We had five people join our congregation at the beginning of the month.

Key Prayer Requests

Relational harmony within the church.

Continued profitability and fruit in our small group gathering.

Growth in our Sunday school program.

Prominent Lessons

Ministry life in a local church will have ups and downs. We must keep our eyes focused on Christ through all the times.

Helping married couples and families in their walk with God is an important aspect of pastoral work.

Key Goals for the Next Month

Have a newer couple into our home.

Work through the next four chapters of “Disciplines of a Godly Woman.”

Meet three times with our small group/discipleship couples.

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