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October Internship Report – David and Melanie Lee (McKenna, Jackson, and Madison)

Published September 27, 2016

Grace Bible Church, Dunmore, Pennsylvania


Ministry Highlights

This month, I was given oversight over our Life Group ministry. We were able to start up four new groups and add many new people to our existing groups. It was encouraging to see people we had been praying about for a while to get involved in one of our Life Groups sign ups and begin attending.

Kidz Konnect, our mid-week children’s ministry for kids in 1-6 grade had a great kick-off for the year this month. We doubled the amount of kids in attendance from last year, with many new kids coming out. I am extremely thankful for our children’s director and the team we have in place to teach and show these children the gospel each week.

I have been able to lead communion the past few months. It has been great to try different approaches and get more comfortable leading this ordinance.

I’ve had some really great opportunities to share my faith with my co-workers while working at the Olive Garden this past month. I am reading through a book on forgiveness with someone I’ve been praying about for the past few years.

Key Prayer Requests

That our new Life Groups would continue to go well!

That we would be able to minister to many new college students that have been attending our services.

For Melanie as she begins helping out with our son’s PTA.

For wisdom and energy as I take over more of a leadership role in our Wednesday night children’s ministry.

Prominent Lessons

Communication with our church body is so important! When you feel as if you may have gotten your point across, you are just hitting the tip of the iceberg!

Visitation during the week, especially with our older folks, is such a vital ministry. It allows me to learn about the life of the church, and it helps inform the people who will pray for our ministry the most.

Getting seven hours of sleep a night is vital! I’m not getting any younger!!

To celebrate each win, even if they are small steps of progress!

Key Goals for the Next Month

Complete my third project.

Finalize what my fourth project will be.

Begin working towards ordination this spring.

Begin marketing for our Living Christmas Village event.


Ministry Highlights

My Sunday School class is going well! We were able to decorate our classroom space, which the kids really enjoy.

Our small group is doing well. We have been able to add three new people, and we are seeing more people take a part in child care.

Key Prayer Requests

Prayer: Our Living Christmas Village is seven short weeks away! From now until the end of the first week in December, it will be all hands on deck!

Praise: Our neighbor Laura has been coming with me to our Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday mornings.

Prominent Lessons

Even little moments with my kids mean so much to them.

Our church has a heart for not only my husband as their pastor, but as me as his wife. It is a great encouragement knowing that the ladies of the church are praying and supportive of me.

Key Goals for the Next Month

Deciding on a few crafts for our Christmas Village and then getting 750 of them ready!

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